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27/10/2011 21:39

Seriously, Filipina girls are charming, warm, and good-natured in general. 
In fact, you can see a lot of Filipina women who are beautiful and sexy. 

Some may have exotic looks but still they all look very appealing. 
There are so many unique qualities that will make you 
fall in love with Filipina ladies.

Loyalty is another virtue that is being engrained in the mind of all Filipinos. 
Once they treat you as their own, they are bonded to you and 
will not abandon you. 

Filipina ladies are very respectful, well-mannered both in speech and gestures. 
They  have traditions to kiss the hands of their elders when they met 
them in the street, or whenever they arrive home from work. 
They call every member in the family with specific and courteous endearment.

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